Our company is a Hong Kong-owned enterprise, established in 2010, and has been cooperating with famous American skin care brands, German Dermatology Institute, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and German skin care industry organizations to develop skin care and medical products. Line Refine is committed to providing customers with high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly products. Our aim is to continuously create beauty for our customers in an environmentally friendly way, so that every customer can have a confident and beautiful appearance. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services and promise to continue to contribute to the earth's environmental protection through technological improvement.

Our product research and development team is composed of a group of beauty-loving experts who are constantly exploring the latest technology and ingredients and applying them to products to provide better results. During the production process, our products are strictly inspected and controlled in accordance with international standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products.

Line Refine is a revolutionary beauty brand known for their high quality products. The product has the functions of anti-oxidation and high moisturizing, which is beneficial to the skin's self-repair function. Our silicon gel series products are made of medical-grade Silpuranier (silicon), which is currently the closest material to human cells. It does not irritate, does not make skin sensitive, does not contain hormones and additives, and has passed the cytotoxicity test. After more than ten years of hard work and improvement, our products can be recycled 15 times without loss of efficacy. They are the most environmentally friendly and forward-looking products in the market. All Line Refine products have the ability to firm and plump the skin, cling comfortably and tightly to the skin while you sleep, and deliver visible results overnight.

The production quality system has passed ISO13485:2012 (Medical Device Production Management System) and GMP certification, and the products have obtained CE 93/42/EEC Annex II and the registration certificate of the State Food and Drug Administration. view certificate




Our company won the Hong Kong Business Designed in Hong Kong Awards in 2019, which aims to recognize outstanding products designed in Hong Kong.











Our company will attend MEDICA 2022 in 2022, MEDICA is the world's largest international exhibition for the medical and healthcare industry. The exhibition is held once a year. Every year, the exhibition showcases the latest technology in the medical field, including imaging diagnostic machines, medical equipment and devices, etc.