Concord Medical's manufacturing facility is located in Houjie, Dong Guan China. The close proximity of our factory and HK office (60-minute drive from Hong Kong) has enabled us fast and effective business executions for both our local and overseas clients.


If you have any business ideas or interest in Concord Medical's service, please don't hesitate to contact us. We also welcome any potential clients for on-site inspection.

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Hong Kong Office

Tel:   (852) 2866-6308
Fax:   (852) 2893-3425

Address: #9 B/F, 6-12 Wing Kut St., Sheung Wan

Dong Guan Factory

Tel:   (86) 0769-88919066
Fax:   (86) 0769-88919050

Address: 4/F, Block C, Yue Neng Industrial Park,

Xia Beng Village, Houjie, Dong Guan, China 523960